Pedicure Services

Pedicure Services
No Time Pedicure
Nails are trimmed, filed and finished by buffing to a high shine or a fresh coat of polish is applied.
Treating Myself Pedicure
Feet are wrapped in warm steamed towels, nails and cuticles are groomed, feet are exfoliat5ed followed by a hydrating foot massage. Nails are fin iced with a polish application.
Anti-Aging Pedicure
Utilizing the most powerful anti-aging treatments from the sea, to brighten, tone and soften your legs and feet. Nails and cuticles are groomed, followed by a polish application.
Golden Girl Pedicure
The Ultimate Pedicure! All the pampering of the Treating Myself Pedicure, with the addition of The Golden Girl Mask a deluxe anti-aging experience. Leaves your legs silky soft, and more radiant in appearance. Includes polish application.
Dazzle Dry Polish
$5.00 add on
Air dry nail polish dries in 5 minutes! No Light!
Pedicure Add Ons:
Prosthetic Nail Repair
A gel that is designed for toenails that is anti-fungal and flexible is used to repair a crack or missing corner.
Prosthetic Nail (Per Nail)
An anti-fungal, flexible gel is used to create a new toenail. This gel can be applied directly to the skin if you are missing all or part of a toenail. You will now be able to show off those toes. *Clients receiving prosthetic nails are required to purchase Mykosept for an additional $20.00 to maintain the prosthetic nail.
BS Brace
Relieves pressure from an involuted toenail to help it grow straight.
Nail Refining
Smoothing and refining thickened and ridged toenails using the efile. Medical clearance may be required.