Skin Care

Skin Care
Peptide Facials
Peptide facials utilize a one-of a kind messenger system that allows for customization of treatments to bring out the best in your skin. You'll see results from the first treatment and can see lasting results with home maintenance.
Express Facial
After a thorough cleansing of the skin a self-neutralizing exfoliator is applied and allowed to dry. Skin is then lifted, lifte, toned and hydrated using a pepti-mask and mini-microcurrent
Sensitive Skin Facial
After cleansing; skin is treated with a peptide designed to help repair skin. Skin around the eye area is restored, then a mild rejuvenator powered with a restorative peptide designed to initiate a cellular response of repair and regeneration is applied. Skin is then lifted, toned and hydrated using a pepti-mask and mini-microcurrent.
Hyperpigmentation Facial
Designed to start reducing discolored areas, this service achieves desired results with important home follow up care and maintenance. After cleansing a self-neutralizing exfoliator is applied, the face is then treated with peptides to Correct and Repair. A hydrating eye serum and rejuvenator are applied skin is then lifted, toned and hydrated using a pepti-mask and mini-microcurrent.
Anti-Aging Facial
The ultimate skin treat! After a thorough cleansing, skin is gently exfoliated using a 5% Lactic + Collagen which promotes balanced healthy skin. Skin is then treated with peptides designed restore youthful skin tension, tone underlying muscle issues, and repair disorganized collagen in the skin. Skin is then restored and rejuvenated. A pepti-mask and mini microcurrent assist with product absorption and increase circulation.
Traditional Facials
Classic Facial
Cleanses, tones, and moisturizes skin deep down. Massaging and deep cleansing helps to hydrate and purify skin, giving you that outer glow.
Four Layer Facial
Layers of beneficial seaweed leave skin feeling clean, hydrated and looking radiant. The dual layered mask is a one of a kind experience.
Hydra-Medica Acne Facial
Deep pore cleansing, helps to purify and control breakouts. Soothes and heals. Leaves skin with renewed freshness and purity.
After cleansing, skin is gently exfoliated using a diamond wand. Followed by an application of moisturizer. Also available as an add-on to your facial service
Microcurrent Facial Treatment
Microcurrent utilizes low level current to stimulate the muscles to lift and tone creating a youthful vibrant appearance. Results are noticeable after one session and cumulative with a series and maintenance.
Single Microcurrrent
Series of 6 Prepaid (6th is free)
Maintenance after series
Full Face
Leg Waxing Knee Down
Leg Waxing Upper Thigh Down
Add Ons
Brow Tint
Eyelash Tint
Anti-Aging Hand Treatment